What Reg Park Did For Me

I have been training under Reg’s instruction and guidance for the last 24 months or so, and I would like to share my success story with you. I am 6 foot 6 inches tall, and at 27 years of age I started training with Reg when I was a very out of shape 98 kg after a really long period of inactivity. Reg got me started on a basic course that really helped me to get my metabolism going, as well as getting me into proper training – with Reg always guiding me on proper form and technique, and before I knew it I lost some of that excess weight and was looking “better” at 94 kg.
That first program really got me hooked on weight training, and with Reg’s infinite amount of knowledge gathered over the 60 years or more that he has been doing this, it really was just a pleasure to go the gym every single day and learn more and more about the sport, whilst training as hard as possible and always learning more and more as the days passed. 2 years later I am glad to say that I am firstly completely addicted to weight training, as I can contribute my overall health and many of my successes to being physically active and being in great shape. I currently weigh in at 120 kg, having gained 26 kg of solid mass since I started training under Reg’s guidance. I would like to add that all my gains have been made completely natural, as the only supplements to my diet are vitamins, minerals, and meal replacement shakes. I do not use any creatine, or any other supplement” or performance enhancing substance available today. I believe that if Reg could achieve legendary status without the use of these supplements or substances, then I can surely do it as well.

Below are some of my achievements that will give you an idea of my progress. – In my first program, I was physically unable to perform more than 8 repetitions in the squat, using the bar alone with no weights at all. Today I squat 140 kg for 5 repetitions. – Being tall, Reg has helped me to concentrate on my lower back strength, and today I can perform the BB deadlift off the squat rack (a move that focuses on the top 30% of the deadlift and really concentrates on the lower back, without adding the stress to the lower back associated with the normal deadlift) with a weight of 290 kg for 5 repetitions. – BB good mornings with 100 kg for 5 repetitions. – My upper arm measurements have gone from a mere 14.5 inches, to 17.5 inches, and still growing. – Calves on incline leg press with 365 kg (800 pounds!) for 20 repetitions – Bent over BB row with 115 kg for 6 repetitions Over and above all the achievements listed above, I would say that the biggest gains that I have made is definitely the knowledge that I have gained from Reg, but most of all is the friendship that we have established over the years. It has been a real pleasure from the first day that I have met Reg, and I am looking forward to many years of sharing the love of weights and training with my friend, the legend, Reg.

Alwyn Van Niekerk