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A Tribute By Clarence Bass

Two magnificent photos of Reg Park hang on the wall in my study, one with a handwritten inscription that I treasure. Reg was way ahead of his time; he remains an inspiration to physical culturists everywhere. Clarence Bass Author of the Ripped book series and past-40 USA bodybuilding champion

A Tribute By Samir Bannout

No doubt, Reg Park is one of the most important figures in bodybuilding and he is among the greatest Mass with Class champions (he had a Beautiful physique). I am personally glad to have known him on a personal level. I spent some time with him and his lovely wife on Bondi beach during the […]

A Tribute By David Robson

Listing the men who have truly attained bodybuilding immortality through their achievements as athletes of phenomenal physical development, strength training revolutionaries and as men of character, integrity and will, is a relatively easy task if you can count to five. Reg Park is one such man who most people would agree deserves, along with John […]

A Tribute by Arnold Schwarzenegger

When I think of everything Reg Park meant to me over a friendship that lasted more than 40 years, I am still blown away. I was a 15-year-old farm kid growing up in Austria when I was first inspired by a bodybuilding magazine with a picture of him on the cover from one of his […]