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A Tribute By Bob Gajda

Reg Park is a TITAN from Mt. Olympus. Like Hercules who battled on, so do I pray our Hercules wins his battle. Bob Gajda Mr. America Mr. USA Mr. Universe

A Tribute By John DeFendis

Reg Park was and will be remembered as a great Champion and pioneer of bodybuilding. He was a great inspiration to all, including my dad and myself and I truly admire his physique and his history. Anyone who could inspire Arnold is a legend! John DeFendis Mr. USA Celebrity personal trainer

A Tribute By Mauro Di Pasquale

I caught the iron bug in my early teens mainly due to John Grimek, Steve Reeves, and Reg Park. Reeves represented the ultimate aesthetic bodybuilder, and Grimek the more massive bodybuilder and Olympic lifter. But Reg Park impressed me the most because he was not only a bodybuilding great, but in my mind he was […]

A Tribute By Chris Dickerson

Reg Park’s body speaks for itself, but most people are unaware of his humane qualities and of his leadership abilities. Both of these assets have made him the husband and father he has been all these years to his wife Marion and to his son Jon Jon. These qualities worked to my own advantage while […]

A Tribute By Boyer Coe

Who can ever forget Reg Park? I remember how inspired I was the first time I saw photos of Reg Park. He had a great physique and was very strong. I remember the great stories that Marvin Eder told of him training with Reg. Many years later I had the opportunity to visit with Reg […]

A Tribute By Pete Ciccone

Reg Park was known for his powerful physique. His development was years ahead of his time. Reg Park was one of Joe Weider’s earliest iron heroes. He appeared several times in Joe’s earliest publication, Muscle Builder. Reg was known as one of the strongest bodybuilders of his day. He is also given credit by bodybuilding […]

A Tribute By Joe Carrero

At a time in history when the world was just beginning to bloom again, when men were beginning to once again innovate and create great things, an Englishman standing 6’1″ was sculpting his great physique in preparation to capture the 1949 Mr. Britain Bodybuilding Competition. Reg Park is one of greatest pioneers of the sport […]

A Tribute By Anthony Catanzaro

Reg Park was without a doubt one of the best bodybuilders that ever lived. His dedication and what he did with his body not only onstage but also in his acting career is what this sport is all about. Dreams can definitely come true! All you have to do is believe in yourself then the […]

A Tribute By Bill Dobbins

Reg Park had already retired from competition when I got involved in bodybuilding in the late 1970s. But he has always been one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s heroes and over the course of working on three books with Arnold I got to hear a lot about Reg – his excellence not only as a bodybuilder but […]

A Tribute By Richard Baldwin

Reg Park inspires us all, not only with his amazing physique but also his character. Reg is a man devoted to his family who also managed to be a great businessman with a chain of gyms, a bodybuilding magazine and a stint as a movie actor. Reg is, to sum it up, a well rounded, […]