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A Tribute By Isaac Hinds

Reg Park is one of the icons of bodybuilding. I had a chance to meet Reg when he was honored by Arnold Schwarzenegger with a lifetime achievement award. Albeit a short meeting, the privilege was all mine. He is a true “old school” bodybuilder who will never be forgotten in our industry’s history. I encourage […]

A Tribute By Phil Heath

Reg Park was definitely an icon, motivator and overall legend. Guys like me along with millions of others are continually inspired by his hard work ethic and overall physique. He is what bodybuilding was and what bodybuilding is, power and beauty put together into an art form that we all seek and/or admire. Phil “The […]

A Tribute By Dave Hawk

Every sport has its great pioneers and bodybuilding is no exception. When we reflect on the blessed individuals who truly drove the path on what bodybuilding is today we can list but a few names: Reeves, Pearl, Arnold, Draper, Zane and also a personal favorite, Mr. Reg Park. When I began bodybuilding back in 1978, […]

A Tribute By Doctor Bob Goldman

When you meet Reg Park in person, you understand why Arnold Schwarzenegger chose him as his idol and the person he wanted to pattern his life after. Reg is a Bodybuilder’s Bodybuilder. He is a big man, even at 79 years old, and he carries himself in a regal manner. Not pompous or arrogant in […]

A Tribute By Bill Grant

Although I did not know Reg Park on a personal level, I do remember a time in 1975 in South Africa when he extended an invitation for me to stay at his home. Reg took me out to dinner to a restaurant where normally a black man would not be able to go. I was […]

A Tribute By Kellie Everts

Reg Park got my attention; he is a real dimensional man – there are many facets to him. He had a beautiful home in South Africa, big pool and all, and Arnold was impressed – wanted to be like him, to have what he had. Later Arnold said he ‘psyched out’ Mr. Park by chatting […]

A Tribute by Marvin Eder

I [will] tell you who was one of the strongest men I worked out with: Reg Park. Oh, he was great. He was one of the few guys who could keep up with me. Reg came on a visit to New York City and he came up to the gym. He was a beautifully built […]

A Tribute By Emmanuel Ezekiel

Among animals, there is a king. Among birds, there is a king. Among bodybuilders there is a king. Mr. Reg Park is a bodybuilding legend that has served tremendously as a watchword for my bodybuilding career. His bodybuilding legacy has helped me in achieving a positive response in my bodybuilding career. He is a man […]

A Tribute By Dave Depew

I have been training under the bar most of my life. I got my first weight set at the age of eight years old. I have followed the guidance of many great bodybuilders over the years. I have always made it a priority to learn from others who I feel are the best or the […]