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A Tribute By Dave Palumbo

Reg was one of the true founding fathers of modern bodybuilding and, for that, he will forever be immortalized in bodybuilding history. Dave Palumbo Editor-in-Chief, Muscular Development www.davepalumbo.com

A Tribute By Layne Norton

Reg Park set the standard at the time for size and symmetry. In fact his single biggest impact on bodybuilding may have been through Arnold Schwarzenegger to whom he was a mentor and a source of great inspiration to Arnold. It could be that bodybuilding today might have been quite different had it not been […]

A Tribute By Jamo Nezzar

People like Reg Park, Arnold, and Steve Reeves made me want to pick up weights and become who I became as pro bodybuilder. Reg Park is truly an Icon in the world of bodybuilding and without his input bodybuilding would have never become what it is now. Jamo Nezzar IFBB professional

A Tribute By Chad McCrary

Obviously Reg was way before my time but historically speaking he contributed to bodybuilding by setting the bar and being a significant part of bodybuilding in terms of getting it started and being such a mentor for Arnold and a lot of other guys back in the day. He will always be looked upon as […]

A Tribute By Steve Michalik

As I remember the great Reg Park, I think of the time I saw him guest pose. I was just a lad at the time and had never seen anyone with such mass before and yet there was terrific balance and symmetry and with his Herculean posing routine I was left yelling and screaming for […]

A Tribute By Dan Lurie

Reg Park has been a friend of mine for over 35 years. Reg Park has a heart of Gold and is a down to earth, good person. Success and fame never went to his head. When I started publishing Muscle Training Illustrated back in 1965, I wanted Reg Park to be on my premier cover. […]

A Tribute By Anibal Lopez

Although I never met Mr. Park in person, there is no doubt that he influenced many young men to become bodybuilders, including me. Not only did he look great but also looked like a man of power, in every sense of the word. All my best to Mr. Park Anibal Lopez IFBB and WBBG professional

A Tribute By Tricky Jackson

Reg Park has always been a great ambassador for the sport of bodybuilding. As an athlete I believe he was ahead of time standing six feet plus and onstage at nearly 250lbs with awesome symmetry. He was like an early version of Arnold in a way, being successful as a taller bodybuilder and also with […]

A Tribute By Scott Hults

“Reg Park was my hero. He was Hercules. I used to look for his photos in the popular muscle magazines of the day. He was awesome. He was the best of the best, before the best became the worst, when drugs became more important than hard work. Scott “Old Navy” Hults NFPT-CPT; NGA-CPT FAME, NGA […]

A Tribute By Wong Hong

Reg Park is a true bodybuilding legend and one of my all time favorite bodybuilders. Wong Hong IFBB professional