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A Tribute By Frank Zane

Reg Park is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. I spent two weeks with him and his family at their home in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1978; there we did exhibitions and trained together. He is an extremely kind person and goes out of his way to do the right thing. His training […]

A Tribute By Dennis Tinerino

Reg Park is a Physique legend. His massive, muscular Herculean physique with good looks was the first of his era. Also a first is when he starred in many Hercules movies. Also a first was the superhuman strength and unique workouts that he established. I first met Reg when I was 17 years of age […]

A Tribute By Lonnie Teper

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hero, both on and off the bodybuilding platform, was Reg Park – do we need to say more? Reg is obviously one of the greatest bodybuilder’s of all time–what long time followers of the sport didn’t marvel at his physique? But what impressed the Governator as much as Park’s muscles was the class […]

A Tribute By Steve Speyrer

I first heard of Reg back in the late 1970s after reading Arnold’s book: “The Education of a Bodybuilder.” He was impressive, but not as much, until I saw other books and photos of him. I always admired the Steve Reeves’ physique, but feel that Reg was in better condition for the Mr. Universe face-off. […]

A Tribute By Greg Sushinsky

Reg Park In the pantheon of bodybuilders, few will occupy as distinguished a place as Reg Park. As a young man from Leeds, England, Park had established himself as a fine athlete, a sprinter, so when he turned to bodybuilding he already had an athletic foundation. He then went on the build a rugged, massive, […]

A Tribute By Larry Scott

You almost have to be a fan to even know the feeling of awe, gratitude and appreciation that comes from being able to write about your hero. Just to mention Reg’s name takes me back to my beginning bodybuilding days and the many hours I spent lying on my bed while gazing up at the […]

A Tribute By Dr. David Ryan

Reg Park was a trendsetter. I know when I started in bodybuilding, it was an odd thing in the mid 1970’s, and people would often make fun of me or say things that we degrading. I can’t imagine guys like Reg Park and what they had to go through. Arnold inspired me and Reg inspired […]

A Tribute By David Rylah

Anyone that was an idol of Arnold is obviously someone very special. Reg was dominating the sport at a time when there wasn’t any of the scientific knowledge that we have access to today. He made it to the top with sheer determination and only the very basics in training and nutrition knowledge, that makes […]

A Tribute By Randy Roach

What else can really be stated regarding the great Reg Park? His bodybuilding career, which spanned four decades and included three Mr. Universe titles, speaks volumes for itself. His amazing look landed him in the movies where he inspired many young bodybuilders including a future Governor of California. Driven by heavy workouts and often a […]

A Tribute By Peter Putnam

This simple fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger looked up to Reg Park speaks volumes about the kind of physique Reg had. Arnold, the most prominent figure in bodybuilding history, may not have been who he became if it weren’t for Reg Park’s inspiration. So for that, all of us who bodybuild and/or are fans, should be […]