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The Great Reg Park

By Matthew Haldenby A formidable figure Every sport has its pioneers, people who through sheer passion for what they do, pushed the envelope of performance, and quantum leaped their sport forward for the benefit of generations to come. Bodybuilding is no exception and when we reflect on the individuals who made the sport what it […]

REG PARK – The Legend

Published by permission of Millionaire Magazine South Africa and William Rankin Reg Park in his prime I waited patiently in the fat burning arena, amidst the allure of heavy breathing and rejuvenation. Toned and burly bodies swaggered past me as I tapped my foot in anticipation of my long-awaited introduction to the Legend of Buff; […]

The Reg Park Prone Extension – by Reg Park

By Reg Park The prone extension exercise has been performed for many years. I recall doing a version during my P.T. class school in the early 1940’s. We lay face down on mats with hands interlaced in the lower back pulling downwards towards feet at the same time – drawing shoulder blades together lifting head […]

What Reg Park Did For Me

I have been training under Reg’s instruction and guidance for the last 24 months or so, and I would like to share my success story with you. I am 6 foot 6 inches tall, and at 27 years of age I started training with Reg when I was a very out of shape 98 kg […]

It Was Early In 1964

By Joe Matrisciano As a high school sophomore in 1964, I was well into my second year of weight training. But it was an article in the April’s Muscular Development magazine, entitled ‘Developing Herculean Muscles’ by Reg Park that caught my fascination about bodybuilding potential. The article contained many pictures of Reg, but it was […]

Training with my BIG Brother(-in law)

I believe it was in ’52 that I first went to Leeds in Yorkshire, England, to visit with Reg and my sister Marioon. Although they were comparative newly-weds, they welcomed me to stay in their home with open arms. And not only that, I was also offered a job with the Reg Park Magazine and […]

Reg talks from his couch

By Henry Dillon The gate glides open and I drive in. At the front door the beautiful Marion Park is waiting to welcome me with a warm smile. Before I can finish a greeting Reg Park’s chest looms round the corner. About a minute later the rest of him arrives. To say that I would […]

Arnold Classic 2007

Finally, the chants begin “Ar-nold, Ar-nold” and the man of the hour appears, looking better than ever in a suit and purple tie. He thanks everyone for being here, says how great Columbus is and how unbelievable it is how much The Classic has grown in 13 years. He also thanks his wife Maria, noting […]

Calling All Fans to Submit Memorabilia

The Park Family is trying to gather all memorabilia of Reg and we will greatly appreciate receiving any film, video or DVD clips, our photographs or anything you might have to add to archives. We are all so touched by your constant kind wishes and thoughts. Our sincerest apologises that Reg and the family are unable […]

A Tribute By Francis Benfatto

I met with Reg Park in 1987 during the Amateur World Bodybuilding Championships in Madrid. Then I saw him again in Johannesburg in 1991 during the Mr. South Africa, where the promoter of the competition, Mike Jacobs, invited me to Guest pose. At this contest Reg was the Master of ceremonies. What I didn’t know […]