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Injury Rehabilitation

(Originally posted on The Reg Park The Legend Forum) Another cover shot for RegI’d thought this a worthy topic to post as I have personally struggled with many injuries in the past, and I am sure that everybody out there who are serious about lifting weights have had first-hand injury experience as well. First off […]

Reg Park – A Hercules for Our Time

By Osmo Kiiha (Reprinted with permission of Osmo Kiiha /The Iron Master) A classic Reg Park pose Reg Park was one of the greatest bodybuilders Britain ever . Until Reg appeared on the scene, as far as international standards were concerned, the British were “also rans.” Reg was the first British bodybuilder to compare with, […]

Reg Park, Britain’s Natural Legend

By Lou Ravelle (Reprinted with permission of Steve Gardener/Muscle Mob) REG THE LEDGE Reg Park exploded upon the bodybuilding public in just two short years. As an unknown home trainer he grabbed the limelight by winning the 1949 Mr Northeast Britain. He captured the Mr Britain title later in the same year. From this point […]

The Legend and Mentor Lives On

By Michael Pryke Reg working out “There comes for each one of us a defining moment in our lives. Often, it is the meeting of a person who has a significant and positive impact – a person who influenced us to such an extent that we will never forget them. A person who may have […]