A Tribute By Emmanuel Ezekiel

Among animals, there is a king. Among birds, there is a king. Among bodybuilders there is a king.
Mr. Reg Park is a bodybuilding legend that has served tremendously as a watchword for my bodybuilding career.
His bodybuilding legacy has helped me in achieving a positive response in my bodybuilding career.
He is a man who has influenced a lot of bodybuilding champions the world over. He is a bodybuilding mentor who always follows the bodybuilding motto (NO PAIN, NO GAIN).

His winning Mr. Britain and the amateur and pro Mr. Universe’s has helped motivate me whenever I am training for competition.

He is a man of focus, activeness, and readiness, and also his determination of spirit not only worked for the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger alone, but also for me whenever I am discouraged by the situation around me. Also his humbleness and generosity remain undeletable in my memory.

Mr. Park, you remain a bodybuilding legend. Much love.

Emmanuel Ezekiel
Nigerian Natural bodybuilding champion