A Tribute By Dave Hawk

Every sport has its great pioneers and bodybuilding is no exception. When we reflect on the blessed individuals who truly drove the path on what bodybuilding is today we can list but a few names: Reeves, Pearl, Arnold, Draper, Zane and also a personal favorite, Mr. Reg Park.

When I began bodybuilding back in 1978, Arnold was the King and my primary driving force but I also admired many great athletes and Reg was at the top on my A-list. Many of his classic poses I did as a teen and also into my pro career.

When I became a pro back in the mid ’80s, at the Arnold’s World Pro and later Arnold Classic, I was honored and privileged to actually meet the man himself and talk for a minute with him and shake his hand. Mr. Park is still a larger than life superstar to me and to all the truehearted bodybuilders and fans who love the sport with a passion.

God Bless Reg and Thank you!

Dave Hawk
IFBB professional